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Who are we?

The Marists are priest and brothers belonging to the Society of Mary, a religious Congregation inspired by the life and example of the Mother of Jesus. Being Marist is being called and chosen to live the gospel as Mary did. " Since their vocation is to be in today's world a special presence of Mary, doing God's work in her way, Marists bear in mind this woman who by a gracious choice called them and gave them her name" (Constitutions of the Society of Mary, 144).

What is Marist Spirituality?

When we speak of spirituality we mean that unquenchable fire that burns within us, full of passion for building the Kingdom of God which becomes the driving force of our lives, letting the spirit of Christ lead us.
The Marists have three favorite places in which Jesus reveals God in special way through Mary:

Bethlehem: We find the innocence, simplicity, tenderness and weakness of a God capable of touching the most hardened hearts.
At the foot of the cross: We are overwhelmed by a love without reservations and a God who shares and transforms the sufferings of people.
Eucharist: It is a privileged place to enter into communion with the Body of Christ, united with all its members to deepen their relationship with Jesus, the bread of life, and to be open to the poor.

Marist Spirituality is apostolic because participating in the mission of Jesus we look at the world with compassion. We see the beauty, harmony and the violence, the screams of the world, especially in the poor. Heeding the call of our time we look at our lives through the eyes and heart of God. In life we discover God and in life we experience God as Mary did (with simplicity). The world is a meeting place, God sends us into the world to be his loving presence and to be bread for others like Jesus. The experience of God is bread that is shared.

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How we live?

How we live?

The Marists we strive to be like Mary. We imitate his presence and action in the life of Jesus and the pioneering years of the early Church. Marists inspired by Mary in the Holy Family of Nazareth and among the disciples at Pentecost..

The Marists are called to spread the Gospel of Jesus to Mary's way. This means primarily to preach the Word, which has not been heard and has been renewed where forgotten. The Marist prefer to work with the poor and vulnerable, opting for other jobs that are unattractive or unrewarding..

The Marist live in communities in our relationships forming a family of brothers. We are glad to share our goods and our lives, praying, eating and resting together. The formation of fraternal ties in the community and provides a spiritual human base from which to work participate in apostolic work.

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Marist Family

Marist Family

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Founder of the Marist Fathers

Father Jean-Claude Colin

Jean Claude Colin is the founder of the Society of Mary and the Brothers. Born in a peasant village, Saint-Bonnet-le Troncy, Lyons region of France in l790. Died in a quiet and secluded, and has long yearned and searched; the Marist novitiate Neylière, in 1875. The Marist project began as an initiative of a group of young priests and seminarians of the Seminary of Lyon, impacted by critical historical moment lived. They were heirs of the French Revolution and the consequences suffered so affected them as priests and future priests responsible for the situation of the Church and the fate of the Christian faith in a hostile world, increasingly incredulous, indifferent and increasingly ignorant of the religion, even the most cultured and intellectual classes. Moreover, various circumstances had led to the conviction of the important role that the figure of Mary was called to play in the present of the Church and the world. Jean Claude Colin joined from the beginning the idea with the joy and enthusiasm of those who had found at last what had long been a cherished dream was. He was convinced that, hidden in the group, could go unnoticed and without staff fleeing role as the devil himself. However circumstances ended up placing at the head of the group that considered the true founder. The agglutinated, gave body to the group and endowed him with a spirit that bears the imprint of his human and spiritual. Colin is the witness, teacher and spiritual guide of the Society of Mary and of each of the Marists.

Read more about Father Colin: https://www.jeanclaudecolin.org/

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First martyr of Oceania - First martyr Marist

St. Peter Chanel

Saint Pierre-Louis-Marie Chanel S.M.

Peter Chanel was a priest, a Catholic missionary and martyr.

Peter Chanel was born in Potière, Cuet village people, near Belley, in the department of Ain​​, France, and died in the village of Poi, near the northeastern coast of the Polynesian island of Futuna, at the hands of assassins commanded by Musumusu, son of Niuliki, the chief king of Alo, one of the two kingdoms that occupied the archipelago Horne. St. Peter Chanel, was known as "a good boy", "a gentle soul", obviously full of good will and very friendly, the people of Futuna called him "a man of good heart." It was declared a saint by Pope Pius XII and the first martyr of the continent of Oceania and the first of the Society of Mary (Marist).

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